The Raiden Network is being built in incremental stages with more features being added along the development process. Below you find already implemented and future features and enhancements to the protocol. You can follow more detailed updates on the development progress in the weekly GitHub activity summaries on Reddit and on the Raiden Blog.

The roadmap presents major features and components integrated up to and including the Ithaca milestone. Please note that this roadmap doesn’t imply any guarantees or promises on future development items but should rather be seen as one envisaged path that could be taken by the Raiden project.

What (Feauture / Component) Status
  • µRaiden - unidirectional many-to-one payment channels

    µRaiden is the first stepping stone towards the full Raiden Network. It's a payment channel framework for frequent, fast and free ERC20-token-based micropayments between two parties. These payment channels are unidirectional and many-to-one.

Live on main net since 01.12.2017
  • Opening, closing and settlement of payment channels including single and multi-hop transfers

    Core functionalities of the payment channel network: Users can open, close and settle payment channels with multiple parties. Users can send tokens directly to the recipient using an open channel as well as sending payments to a third party with no direct connection by routing the payment via other payment channels.

Included in Raiden testnet releases
  • Raiden REST API

    REST API with endpoints for all functionalities. The API enables dApp developers to easily build applications using the Raiden Network.

Included in Raiden testnet releases
  • WebUI

    Graphical interface to use the basic functionalities of the Raiden Network built on the API.

Included in Raiden testnet releases
  • Routing 1.0

    A multi-hop transfer can be conducted using the routing 1.0 algorithm. However, this might not be the most efficient route since there is only a local view of channel balances.

Included in Raiden testnet releases
  • Channel top up

    Topping up the balance of existing payment channels by sending tokens into escrow. This is an on-chain transaction.

Included in Raiden testnet releases
  • Automatically joining a token network and connecting to peers

    Raiden supports first time users and simplifies usage by automatically joining token networks of the respective tokens held by connecting to peers and opening channels with them.

Included in Raiden testnet releases
  • Refactored smart contracts

    Contracts were optimized for gas by using one contract per token network. Additionally, locks can now be unlocked in a single transaction batch. Finally, thanks to the Secret Registry contract, we achieve constant time lock expiration.

Included in Raiden testnet releases
  • Reliable transport layer

    The Raiden Network is using Matrix as the transport protocol for exchanging messages between the Raiden nodes.

Included in Raiden testnet releases
  • Recoverability

    Recoverability is ensured in case of an irregular shutdown of the Raiden node. This feature is crucial to prevent the loss of data in case a Raiden node shuts down unexpectedly (e.g. due to a power outage).

Included in Raiden testnet releases
  • Raiden Network Explorer (status page)

    The Raiden Network Explorer gives an overview of network statistics and visualizes the live status of the payment channel networks.

  • Red Eyes Release on Mainnet

    The alpha testing version of the Raiden Network containing all above features on the Ethereum Mainnet with safety limits: Total maximum value (sum of all channel deposits) contained in smart contract: 250 ETH Limited to one token network: WETH (wrapped Ether) Maximum deposit in each payment channel: 0.15 ETH (0.075 per direction/node) One-time use Deprecation Switch Read more about the implemented safety measures of Red Eyes here.

Live: Release v0.100.1 “Red Eyes”
  • Channel withdraw

    This function enables users to withdraw funds from open payment channels without the need to close them.

Live: Release v1.0.0 "Alderaan"
  • Fee model for channel balancing

    Balanced channels maximise the odds to facilitate transfers throughout the network. By setting fees for mediating transfers, nodes can incentivise the balancing of their channels.

Live: Release v1.0.0 "Alderaan"
  • Raiden Service Bundle

    The Raiden Service Bundle (RSB) will enable third parties to offer services like pathfinding and monitoring to users.

Live: Release v1.0.0 "Alderaan"
  • Pathfinding services

    As part of the RSB, pathfinding services will support users in finding the cheapest way to route a payment.

Live: Release v1.0.0 "Alderaan"
  • Monitoring services

    As part of the RSB, monitoring services will watch a users channel when he is not online. In case one of the channels gets closed, the monitoring service hands in the latest balance proof on behalf of the user and thereby ensures that the closing party can’t cheat.

Live: Release v1.0.0 "Alderaan"
  • WebUI 1.0

    The WebUI 1.0.0 is a total redesign of the Raiden WebUI that aims to make interaction with Raiden more streamlines and intuitive

Live: Release v1.1.0 "Alderaan - The Sun Prince"
  • Cooperative Settle

    With a cooperative settlement of a payment channel, less on-chain transactions are required. Hence, if two parties agree on a cooperative settlement of their channel, the closing of the channel is cheaper.

Live: Release v3.0.0 "Coruscant"